Medication reminders are not sounding.

  • Ensure medication reminders have been set up in the Hailie® app.  Visit How do I set up medication reminders? to learn how to set medication reminders in the app.
  • Ensure the Hailie® sensor and Hailie® app have synced to activate the medication reminders.
  • Ensure the Hailie® sensor supports medication reminders.
  • Ensure a compatible inhaler is installed in the Hailie® sensor.  Sensors only operate with compatible inhalers.  Check with your Health Care Professional or visit Compatible Inhalers.
  • Ensure the inhaler is installed correctly into the sensor.  If the inhaler is not installed, the sensor cannot detect an inhaler.
  • If all prescribed inhalation doses been taken within 6hrs of the reminder time, the sensor alert will not sound.
  • Ensure the mobile device is showing the correct time and date.
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