Data does not display in the app.

Try the following tips to display data in the app:

  • Place the Hailie® sensor and Hailie® app within 10 meters / 32 feet of each other for strong Bluetooth connection.
  • Place the sensor and mobile device close to each other and complete a manual sync on the sensor.
  • Ensure the sensor displays a Last Synced: Just Now time on the Hailie® app dashboard.
  • Ensure the sensor LED flashes green after an actuation.
  • Keep other wireless communications equipment such as wireless home network devices, mobile phones, cordless telephones and their base stations, walkie-talkies and equipment such as contactless payment or anti-theft systems least 30cm / 12in away.  Increase the separation distance if needed.
  • Check the Hailie® sensor displays as a paired device in the Hailie® app.  Try placing the sensor into pairing mode and follow the in-app prompts to pair the sensor if the sensor is not displaying as a paired device.
  • Check the Hailie® sensor serial number displays in the Hailie® app and try pairing the sensor again if the serial number is not displaying.
  • Check the Hailie® app has permissions enabled to use Bluetooth and Location (Android only) services.  Go to the mobile device settings, locate the Hailie® app and allow permissions.
  • Visit Hailie® Sensors for more information on pairing.

  • Check the Hailie® sensor has enough battery.  Visit Check Sensor Battery Status for more information on sensor battery status.
  • Check the mobile device has enough battery.  Charge the mobile device if required.
  • Ensure Bluetooth® is enabled on the mobile device. The Hailie® sensor must be paired with a compatible Bluetooth® mobile device to be able to sync stored data.
  • Try closing and re-opening the Hailie® app.

If data continues to not display in the app, contact your Health Care Professional or Program Administrator.

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