Why does the sensor appear as ‘Not Connected’ after use?

The Hailie® sensor automatically syncs data with the Hailie® app after the inhaler has been used, and could take a few seconds, sometimes up to a few minutes.

Try the following checks:

  • The sensor has a compatible inhaler installed and the inhaler is installed correctly and cap is off.
  • The sensor displays a Last Synced: Just Now (or a time within the last 10mins) on the app dashboard.
  • The sensor displays as a paired device in the app inhalers screen.
  • The sensor displays as a paired device on the mobile device Bluetooth settings.
  • The mobile device Bluetooth, Location Services (Android) and Wi-Fi / data are enabled.
  • The app has permissions enabled to use these (Bluetooth/Location) services.
  • The app is open and close to the sensor.
  • How do I check how much battery a sensor has? to ensure the sensor has enough battery, the sensor battery needs to be orange or green.
  • Make sure the mobile device has enough battery and charge if required.
  • Bluetooth has been toggled off and on again.
  • The sensor LED flashed green after an inhaler actuation.
  • How do I manually sync data to the app? making sure the sensor LED is flashing white while doing so.
  • The sensor LED flashed green at the end of the manual sync.


iOS devices have a power saving feature where the Hailie® sensor shows as Connected when the sensor is used and Not Connected when not in use. 


For iOS devices, try the following steps to check how your mobile device works when your Hailie® sensor is communicating with your devices.

1. Go to the Settings menu and tap Bluetooth.

2. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on your device. You might notice the Not Connected status next to the Hailie® sensor serial number.

3. Take a dose of your medication and wait until you see the LED on your Hailie® sensor flashes green.

Your Hailie® sensor will appears as Connected for a few seconds when it communicates with your devices and then it will change back to Not Connected.


If your Bluetooth is not the problem but you still can’t see your usage on your Dashboard go to Why won't my Hailie® sensor sync?


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