Why won't my sensor charge?

Check the Hailie® Smartinhaler® sensor label for the rechargeable sensor symbol:

If the sensor has a non-rechargeable symbol, do not attempt to open or attach any cables or service the sensor.  Tampering with the sensor voids the warranty.


When a rechargeable sensor is connected to a charging source, the LED flashes slowly in colour to indicate the level of battery.  When fully charged, the LED stops flashing.

Note:     Do not use the sensor while it is charging.

Complete the following checks if the battery has stopped charging:

  • Go to Check a Sensor Battery Status to learn what action is required according to the battery status.
  • Clean the charging source or the micro USB port in the sensor for dust and debris.  Visit How do I clean my sensor?
  • Check the charging source or micro USB port for visible signs of damaged. 
  • Ensure the charging source is connected securely to the micro USB port of the sensor.  Check the alignment and try reconnecting the charging source.
  • Check the USB cable to see if it may be faulty.
  • If the battery of the sensor drains too quickly after charge, go to Can I improve my Hailie Sensor's battery life?
  • For tips on how to monitor battery life and ensure the sensor is charging, go to How do I charge a rechargeable Hailie® sensor?

If you continue to experience problems charging the sensor, please contact your Health Care Professional or Program Administrator.

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