How does the Hailie® sensor sync data?

The Hailie® sensor automatically syncs data with the Hailie® app when the sensor is within range and the app is receptive.

This ensures medication usage data is uploaded and visible in the Hailie® app and also in the Hailie® Web Portal.

The sensor relies on a Bluetooth connection with the mobile device the app is installed on and an internet connection.  Without these, the sensor cannot sync data to the app.

After each inhaler actuation, be sure the sensor LED flashed green, which indicates the sensor has registered an actuation and recorded data.

To ensure data is uploaded regularly the overnight sync is recommended:

  1. Put the mobile device on charge.
  2. Enable Bluetooth on the mobile device.
  3. Refresh the Hailie® app to ensure the app can use the mobile device’s Bluetooth.
  4. Place the Hailie® sensor near the mobile device.

If the Hailie® sensor is nearby but is not syncing with the Hailie® app, you can try to manually sync the sensor.  Go to Complete a Manual Sync on your Sensor for information.

Visit Data does not display in the app. for help on syncing the sensor and app.

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