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The Hailie® Smartinhaler® app is a companion application for use as part of the Hailie® Smartinhaler® solution.  Download and install the app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store for your mobile device.

Hailie® Smartinhaler® sensor data is transferred to the app where users can view their inhaler usage and see how they're tracking.


Open the app to display the dashboard and view:

  • The medications (inhalers) prescribed.
  • The number of medication doses taken during the current day.
  • The adherence to preventer/controller medications for the past 7 days shown as a percentage.
  • When the sensor last synced with the mobile device.



Select the Adherence icon to view adherence data.

  • See your inhaler use compared to the prescribed number of doses per day.
  • View inhaler usage by day, week, month or year by toggling the display options.
  • Tap the triple bars at the top to display inhaler usage in list format that includes specific times doses were taken.

Select the Peak Flow icon to view peak expiratory flow values.

These values are useful for a peek at the airflow.

From the app dashboard, select the Settings cog and toggle Enable Peak Flow.

This will display the peak flow screen where values can be manually added.

Select the Inhalers icon to display the sensors and medication that are assigned to you, along with:

  • Pairing status of a sensor/s.
  • Sensor battery status.
  • The last time the sensor synced with the mobile device.
  • Any medication reminders that may be set.

Tap the icon to add medications or sensors.


See Medication reminders for more information.




The app is a companion tool to help you manage your inhaler use to try and be symptom-free so that your condition doesn’t stop you from getting on with life!

Visit Is the Hailie® solution clinically proven? for more information.

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