Insights* is an optional feature of the Hailie® Smartinhaler® app that provides information on how a patient uses their inhaler.

Each time a patient uses their inhaler, the insights display technique and physiological data recorded by the Hailie® Smartinhaler® sensor.  Health Care Professionals can analyze the inhalation data to provide an individualized treatment plan to help improve a patient's health outcomes. 

Insights* is only available on new generation sensors.  Contact your Hailie® representative if you'd like your patients to have access to this feature.


Inhalation Duration is the time taken to inhale while taking medication and helps to evaluate if inhalation is the optimum amount of time to maximize medication delivery.

Inhalation Volume is an indication of how deeply the breath in was while using an inhaler.

Peak Inhalation is the peak inspiratory flow attained when the medication was inhaled.
Useful to evaluate the optimum flow rate was achieved for maximum medication delivery.

Shake Duration is the time taken to shake the inhaler before taking a medication dose. This ensures consistent administration of the prescribed dose.


Orientation refers to the angle the inhaler was held when loading a medication dose, enabling consistent medication loading for maximum medication delivery.



Note: Optimal ranges will vary depending on the individual and the type of inhaler being used.

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