Overview of the Hailie® Smartinhaler® sensor

The Hailie® Smartinhaler® sensor is a small electronic device that attaches discreetly to a compatible inhaler. It automatically captures your inhaler medication use and sends this information to the Hailie® Smartinhaler® app on your mobile device via a Bluetooth® connection. 

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Sensor features include:

  • Attaches externally to an existing compatible inhaler.
  • Reusable with multiple compatible inhalers.
  • Does not interfere with normal drug delivery.
  • On-sensor reminders* to alert patients to take their prescribed medication at set times.
  • Bluetooth connection to a compatible mobile device.
  • Compatible with spacers.
  • Rechargeable or non-rechargeable.
  • Discover insights into inhaler medication use.

New generation sensors feature medication reminders that can be set up via the app to alert you to take your prescribed medication at set times, even if the mobile device is off.

The sensor syncs with the app which enables you to track inhaler medication adherence, set daily reminders, and discover insights into your inhaler medication usage.

Together, these two components are the Hailie® Smartinhaler® Solution.

Don't let asthma stop you from living your life! The Hailie® Smartinhaler® solution can help you stay well and help you have your asthma under control!

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