First Time Pairing a Sensor

Note:  Before pairing, the Hailie® Sensor must be assigned to the patient via the Hailie® Web Portal and must be completed by a Health Care Professional or Program Administrator.

Follow the steps below if you've received a brand new Hailie® Sensor and haven't opened it yet and are getting started.

  1. Download the Hailie® App and ensure all permissions have been accepted when installing and setting up the app.
  2. Open the Hailie® App on the mobile device.  The app automatically detects nearby Hailie® Sensors that are in pairing mode.
  3. Remove the Hailie® Sensor from its packaging, and depending on your sensor:
    • Remove the pull-tab.
    • Press the status button once.
    • Rechargeable sensors need to be placed on charge for up to 8hours, or until the LED stops flashing, before proceeding.  When the LED has stopped flashing, proceed with pairing beginning at opening the Hailie® App and then pressing the pair button once.
  4. The LED will flash blue to show pairing mode and will last up to 60 seconds.

5. While the LED is flashing blue, make sure the Hailie® App is open and look for the on-screen prompt to PAIR NOW when it displays.

6. The sensor LED will flash green for successful pairing and the app will display the sensor in the dashboard.

7. The sensor LED will flash red if pairing was unsuccessful.  Go to Manually Pair a Hailie Sensor to repeat the pairing process.

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