How do I manually sync data to the app?

The Hailie® sensor can be manually synced with the Hailie® app to make sure all data logged on the sensor is uploaded to the Hailie® app and Hailie® Web Portal.

Watch this short video on how to manually sync the sensor to the app.
Note: For three button sensors, press the pair button.

A  manual sync is useful if the patient:

  • Uses their inhaler when the Hailie® app is not nearby.
  • Experiences connection issues between the Hailie® sensor and Hailie® app.
  • Would like to make certain of their medication usage for the day.
  1. Hold down the sensor status button or the sensor's pair button (three button sensors) until the LED shows white, then release. Note: on some sensors, the LED may appear slightly purple/blue.
  2. The LED will flash white while the Hailie® sensor uploads data, then flash green when upload is successful.

After a successful sync, the Hailie® app should display: Last Synced: Just now.

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