The Hailie® Solution

Adherium’s Hailie® Solution comprises Bluetooth® enabled Hailie® sensors, the Hailie® app and a secure cloud-based Hailie® web portal. The Hailie® sensor captures and sends medication usage data from the attached inhaler via Bluetooth® to a mobile device, the Hailie® app receives and uploads it via a secure data/Wi-Fi connection to the Hailie® web portal. Together, this provides a comprehensive remote patient management platform that empowers health care professionals (HCP) to review medication usage data of their patients.

The Hailie Solution replaces patient-reported data with objective and reliable inhaler use metrics to enable Health Care Professionals to provide individualized patient care.

The Hailie® Sensor

The Hailie® sensor attaches to the patient’s inhaler without interfering with normal inhaler use or medication delivery. The Hailie® sensor captures inhaler use as well as technique* and inhalation data*. Audio-visual missed-dose reminders can be scheduled on all Hailie® sensors that support maintenance/preventer inhalers. Hailie sensor can store up to 6 months of inhaler medication usage.

* Available on new generation sensor models only.

The Hailie® App

The Hailie® sensor can be paired via a Bluetooth® connection to the Hailie® app. The sensor synchronizes its data with the Hailie® app via Bluetooth®.  The app then uploads the data securely to the Hailie® web portal. The patient can view adherence to their prescription as well as indicators of their technique and inspiratory flow. Medication reminders can be scheduled via the app to ensure they are alerted (both within the app and on the sensor) when they miss a scheduled dose.

The Hailie® Web Portal

The Hailie® Web Portal allows clinicians to:

  • Identify changes in controller medication adherence and rescue inhaler use.
  • Gain unique insights into how their patients take their inhaler medication.
  • Monitor inspiratory flow and inhaler technique.
  • Easily identify patients who may require additional support with their inhaler medications.
  • Remotely monitor their patients.
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