How can I manually add a dose?

You can manually add doses in the Hailie™ app following these steps:

1. In the Dashboard tap the '+' button to the right in your medication bar.


2. In the Add Dose screen tap the Time taken and select the date and time of your dose intake. If you don't select a date and time the dose will be added to the current time.


3. Select the number of doses you took and tap Add. If you have taken more than 4 doses, tap 4 and tap Add, then repeat steps 1-3 until all the doses have been recorded.


4. If you need to check or delete a manually added dose go to the Adherence screen and tap the  list icon in the top right of the screen.


5. A list of All Recorded Data is displayed. To delete a dose hold your finger on the dose you want to delete and slide your finger to the left. Slide your finger to the far left to complete deletion.

You can only delete manually added doses, you can't delete doses recorded by the Hailie™ Sensor. 


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