I'm having problems with the Hailie™ app. What can I do?

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First, you should try closing and re-opening the Hailie™ app. Check if you have the latest update of the Hailie™ app. Every update of our Hailie™ app includes improvements, new features, and bug fixes to make the Hailie™ app better for you.

If that is not solving the problem, you should uninstall and install the Hailie™ app again.

If you still need help, please contact Customer Support. You can also create a ticket from the Hailie™ app or our Hailie™ Help Centre.

When you reach out to our Support Team, you should provide the following details

  • Your email address*
  • Your name*
  • Problem summary*
  • Sensor serial number
  • Sensor model number
  • Medication name
  • Hailie™ App version number
  • Mobile device make
  • Mobile device model
  • Mobile device operating system
  • Description*
  • Attachments

*These fields are mandatory.

We can investigate most promptly if you provide all the information listed above.


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