Why can’t I charge the battery?

If the battery of your Hailie™ sensor drains too quickly after a charge, go to Can I improve my Hailie™ sensor's battery life?

For tips on how to monitor battery life and ensure your Hailie™ sensor is charging, go to How do I charge my rechargeable Hailie™ sensor? If your battery stopped charging, please check if:

  • The charging source or the micro USB port in the sensor is dirty as dust and debris can accumulate over time and prevent charging. Make sure you clean the charging source by following the steps in How do I clean my Hailie™ sensor? as recommended by the manufacturer. 
  • The charging source or micro USB port is faulty. When connected to a charging source, the LED flashes slowly according to the battery level. If the LED is not flashing, the Hailie™ sensor is not charging.
  • The charging source is connected securely to the micro USB port of the Hailie™ sensor. Check the alignment and try reconnecting the charging source.
  • Check if you have a faulty USB cable.

If your Hailie™ sensor won't charge after trying all of the above tips, please contact Customer Support.

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