How do I know if my Hailie™ sensor stopped working?

To check if your Hailie™ sensor has stopped working, press the battery check button or the status button once on your Hailie™ sensor. The LED will flash green, orange, or red (to indicate the battery level).

If the LED flashes red 3 times every time the inhaler is actuated, it means the Hailie™ sensor is no longer able to record actuations. 

If the Hailie™ sensor LED does not flash, then the battery is either depleted, or the Hailie™ sensor has failed (e.g. due to liquid immersion or mechanical stress).

If you have a Hailie™ sensor with a rechargeable battery, go to How do I charge my rechargeable Hailie™ sensor? to find out how you can charge it. To find out if you have a rechargeable or non-rechargeable sensor, go to How do I know if I have a rechargeable or non-rechargeable sensor?

Please contact Customer Support for Hailie™ sensor servicing. Do not attempt to open or service the Hailie™ sensor. Tampering with the Hailie™ sensor voids the warranty.

The warranty may be voided under the following circumstances: damage to the Hailie™ sensor including dropping, water damage resulting from condensation or accidental immersion, tampering, attempts to service, or other forms of misuse.


See all the conditions in the Term of Service.

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