One-Touch Pairing

Note:  Before pairing, the Hailie® Sensor must be assigned to the patient via the Hailie® Web Portal and must be completed by a Health Care Professional or Program Administrator.


When the Hailie® App is open on the mobile device, the app automatically detects nearby Hailie® Sensors that are in pairing mode

Hailie® sensor pairing mode is indicated by a flashing blue LED and flashes for up to 60s.

Before pairing, go to the mobile device settings and turn on Bluetooth, Location Services (Android) and Mobile Data or Wi-Fi, then:

  • Make sure the Hailie® Sensor is in pairing mode, indicated by the LED flashing blue for up to 60s.
  • First time using the sensor, remove the pull-tab or one press of the status button.  The LED will flash green for wake-up and then blue for up to 60 seconds.
  • First time using a rechargeable sensor, place the sensor on charge until the LED stops flashing. Remove from charge and press the pair button to activate pairing mode.


  • 1-button sensors; 3 short presses of the status button.
  • 3-button sensors; 1 press of the pair button until the LED flashes blue.
  • Pairing mode lasts for up to 60 seconds.
  • Make sure the Hailie® App is open and near the mobile device.
  • Tap PAIR NOW when it displays on the app Dashboard.

Repeat these steps to pair additional Hailie Sensors.


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