What are the Reminders?

Reminders are audio-visual alerts generated on the Hailie™ sensor and in the Hailie™ app. These reminders can be set up from the Hailie™ app.

If you have a busy life, you might find it difficult to remember to take your daily prescribed inhaler medication.

The Hailie™ solution reminds you when you need to take your prescribed medication, so you can better manage your respiratory condition. 

Reminders icons

The following icons describe the different reminders icons available.

   No reminders set.

   Reminders pending, to be set on the sensor during the next sync.*

   Reminders are set on the sensor. 

*Next sync occurs when using the sensor, initiating a manual sync or pairing the sensor with the app.

You can find these icons displayed on the Inhalers screen in the Hailie™ app. Go to the Sensors tab and find your paired Hailie™ sensor. Check the status of your reminder setup by looking at the reminder icon displayed in the Hailie™ sensor's details.


Go to How do I set up reminders in the Hailie™ app? to learn how you can set them up.

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