Is this something my doctor has to approve?

No, you can use the Hailie™ solution to self-manage your condition. The Hailie™ solution can help you to take your prescribed inhaler medication on time every day, so you can keep free from symptoms and keep on doing the things you enjoy.

However, it's worth informing your health professional that you use the Hailie™ solution to help manage your respiratory condition. 

A visit to your health professional is a great opportunity to make sure you’re getting the right treatment for your condition. This is your chance to ask questions about anything that’s of concern to you - whether you are using your Inhaler correctly or any triggers and symptoms you are noticing.

You and your health professional can find more information about our product at

Your health professional is your point of contact for advice on medical matters. Direction for using prescription medication should be obtained from a health professional and followed accordingly. Any questions related to the prescription medication should be referred to a health professional.


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