Introducing The Hailie® Smartinhaler® app

The Hailie® Smartinhaler® app is a companion application for use as part of the Hailie® Smartinhaler® solution. 

The Hailie® Smartinhaler® app is available for download for Android and iOS systems and can be installed on any supported mobile device.

The Hailie® Smartinhaler® sensor connects to the mobile device via Bluetooth, which enables the transfer of inhaler usage data to the app.

The app displays inhaler usage data for easy viewing in daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or list formats.  

Patients can view and analyze their inhaler use with real-time data, while Health Care Professionals can remotely support their patients using the data in the Hailie® Smartinhaler® web portal, where patients and Health Care Professionals can work closely together for individualised treatment plans to help improve health outcomes.

The app allows for setting medication reminders on supported Hailie® Smartinhaler® sensors to help patients stay on top of their inhaler doses.

The app is a tool to help you stay on top of your inhaler use and become symptom-free so that your condition doesn’t stop you from getting on with life!

Visit Is the Hailie® solution clinically proven? for more information.

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