How to setup the Dashboard for the first time.

When you sign in to the Hailie™ app for the first time, the Dashboard tab gives you the options to Set up Hailie™ Sensor and Set up Medication.  


Setup Medication

You don't need to have a Hailie™ sensor to be able to use this feature, although if you have purchased a Hailie™ Sensor, we recommend you go straight to Setup Hailie™ Sensor. You can manually add medication usage even if you haven't purchased the Hailie™ sensor. Tap Set up medication to begin the process.


For step-by-step instructions on the rest of the process, see How do I add my Medications on the Hailie™ app?


Setup Hailie™ Sensor

If you have purchased a Hailie™ sensor, tap Setup Hailie™ Sensor to begin the pairing process. See How do I pair my Hailie™ Sensor? for step-by-step instructions specific for the different mobile devices and sensors.


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