My Hailie™ sensor isn't reminding me to take my medication

Ensure that you set up your reminders at the correct medication time. Go to How do I set up reminders in the Hailie™ app? to ensure you have the reminders feature enabled.

Your reminders will:

  • Only sound on the Hailie™ sensor if the prescribed medication has not been taken within the preceding 6 hours of the scheduled reminder time.
  • Continue to sound on the Hailie™ sensor, for a maximum of 24 minutes or until the prescribed dose is taken.
  • Only be enabled on the Hailie™ sensor after being set up in the Hailie™ app. 

Ensure your Hailie™ sensor:

  • has been installed in the inhaler medication, and
  • is paired and syncs with the Hailie™ app after you enable the reminders.

Also, make sure your mobile device shows your current local time. When you’re travelling this can be a problem, please go to I'm travelling. How can I change the Hailie™ sensor's time zone? to get instructions.

Please contact Customer Support for further assistance.

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