I cannot see data in the app. What can I do?

Don't worry; your data won't get lost!

Find some common problems below that might be affecting the communication between the Hailie™ sensor and the Hailie™ app.

Out of range

If your data is not being uploaded from the Hailie™ sensor to the Hailie™ app, this may be because the sensor and your mobile device are not within range. -- The Hailie™ sensor and mobile device must be within 10 meters or 32 feet of each other for the data transfer to occur following inhaler use.-- Ensure your sensor and mobile device are in range and then try to do a manual upload. Go to How does my Hailie™ sensor sync data? to learn how to manually upload data.

Other wireless communications equipment such as wireless home network devices, mobile phones, cordless telephones and their base stations, walkie-talkies, and equipment such as contactless payment or anti-theft systems, can affect the Hailie™ sensor, and should be kept at least 30cm (12in) away. Increase the separation distance between the Hailie™ sensor and any such devices if this could be causing problems.
Pairing Issue
Another cause may be related to the Hailie™ sensor not being paired correctly. Go to How do I know that my Hailie™ sensor is paired with the app? and check that your Hailie™ sensor is paired with the Hailie™ app. Go to What if my pairing is unsuccessful? to learn the steps that your need to carry out if necessary.
Battery Level
If your battery is depleted and is flashing red your Hailie™ sensor has stopped monitoring usage. Go to How do I find out what the battery level is on my Hailie™ sensor? to learn what the LED colour means.
Bluetooth® off
Ensure Bluetooth® is enabled on your mobile device. The Hailie™ sensor must be paired with a compatible Bluetooth® mobile device in order to sync stored usage data. .

If you still can't see any data close and re-open the Hailie™ app.

If this still does not resolve the issue, please contact Customer Support for further assistance.

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