How do I wake up my Hailie™ sensor from Deep-Sleep mode?

If your Hailie™ sensor has a Battery Saver Pull Tab, simply remove it to wake up your sensor. The LED will flash green once the Hailie™ sensor is awake.

If your Hailie™ sensor doesn’t have a Battery Saver Pull Tab, follow these instructions to wake up your Hailie™ sensor:


To wake up the Hailie™ sensor, hold down the Status Button for 3 seconds and then release. Press the Status Button once more to check the battery level. The Hailie™ sensor LED should flash green prior to the first use.


Before first use, place the Hailie™ sensor on charge for a minimum of 3 hours or until the LED / Battery LED (depending on the sensor type) stops flashing.  The Hailie™ sensor is now ready to use.

To find out which Hailie™ sensor you have, go to How do I know if I have a rechargeable or non-rechargeable sensor?

To find out how to check your Hailie™ sensor’s battery level, go to How do I find out what the battery level is on my Hailie™ sensor?

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