How do I charge my rechargeable Hailie™ sensor?

Some Hailie™ sensors contain a rechargeable battery that is charged via the micro USB Port on the sensor.  The Hailie™ sensor should not be used while charging.

Go to How do I know if I have a rechargeable or non-rechargeable sensor? to ensure the Hailie™ sensor you are using supports a rechargeable battery.

To charge the Hailie™ sensor, connect it to a computer USB port or USB wall plug adaptor, using the USB cable supplied or a micro-USB cable less than 3 metres (9ft 10in) in length.

When connected to a charging source, the LED flashes slowly according to the battery level. When charging is complete, the LED will stop flashing. 

Follow your Hailie™ sensor’s Product Manual recommended charging time.  For some sensors, the charging times will significantly increase in temperatures below 10°C (50°F).

The Hailie™ sensor should be charged every 4 months minimum to ensure continued battery function.

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