How do I charge a rechargeable Hailie® sensor?

Some Hailie® sensors contain a rechargeable battery that is charged via the micro USB Port on the sensor.

The Hailie® sensor should not be used while charging.

Go to Is my sensor rechargeable or non-rechargeable to ensure the Hailie® sensor you are using supports a rechargeable battery.

  • To charge the Hailie® sensor, connect it to a computer USB port or USB wall plug adaptor, using the supplied USB cable or a micro-USB cable.
  • When connected to a charging source, the LED flashes slowly according to the battery level.
  • When charging is complete, the LED will stop flashing.
  • Follow the recommended charging time listed in the Hailie® sensor’s Product Manual.
  • For some sensors, the charging times will significantly increase in temperatures below 10°C (50°F).
  • The Hailie® sensor should be charged at minimum every 4 months to ensure continued battery function.

Check the battery status at any time by pressing the sensor status button or the sensor battery button, depending on the type of sensor.  The LED colour will determine the level of battery.  Refer to Check Sensor Battery Status for battery information.

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