Can I use the Hailie™ solution to manage my child's asthma?

Yes, you can. 

The Hailie™ sensor together with the Hailie™ app helps your child remember when it is time to take their inhaler medication. For example, if your child needs to take their controller/preventer inhaler medication twice daily, you can set up a reminder time every morning and evening to alert them if they forget.  You can set the reminders alert to sound on the Hailie™ sensor itself as well as on your mobile device from the Hailie™ app.

Getting your child to take their controller/preventer inhaler medication at the same time each day means it will become part of their daily routine. It’s advisable to watch while your child uses their inhaler to make sure their inhaler technique is correct. Ensure that your health professional explains the correct technique to you and your child.

Setup and use of the Hailie™ sensor for patients under 12 years of age requires assistance from a parent or caregiver.

Track your child's daily inhaler medication usage with the Hailie™ app. Make sure you, and anyone else looking after your child, understand what medication your child needs to take for their respiratory disease and why. If your child’s asthma is managed well, it’s likely they’ll be able to get on with all the things they enjoy doing without asthma symptoms getting in the way.

If you have any questions about your child’s medications or inhaler use, please consult with your health professional.

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