What is the Hailie™ sensor?

The Hailie™ sensor is a small electronic device that attaches discreetly to a compatible inhaler. It automatically tracks your inhaler medication usage and sends this information to the Hailie™ app on your mobile device via a Bluetooth® connection. 

The Hailie™ sensor also features audio-visual reminders that can be set up using the Hailie™ app. The Hailie™ sensor will remind you to take your inhaler medication at the set time, even if your mobile device is off.

The Hailie™ sensor syncs with the Hailie™ app which enables you to track inhaler medication adherence, set daily reminders, and discover insights into your inhaler medication usage.

Together, these two components are known as the Hailie™ solution.

Don't let asthma stop you from living your life. The Hailie™ solution can help you stay well and have your asthma under control!

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