How does the Hailie® solution help me reduce my asthma symptoms?

Clinical evidence shows that the use of Hailie® technology by patients with respiratory diseases can increase adherence to their controller/preventer inhaler medications, which helps reduce severe exacerbations in the patients. Taking controller/preventer inhaler medication daily also reduces the need for reliever/rescue medication. *Sources: Charles 2007, Foster 2014, Chan 2015, Morton 2016.

We understand that change doesn’t happen instantly and that the path to improved health has its fair share of good and bad days. It’s easy to forget to take your inhaler medication, and if you’re not experiencing symptoms it’s even easier to think you don’t need to. Taking your controller/preventer inhaler medication as prescribed is critical to impeding symptoms from occurring in the first place. Missing doses greatly reduces the effectiveness of your inhaler medication.

With the Hailie® sensor's built-in audio-visual alerts to remind you when to take your medication — and sensors to track whether you did — you can be confident that you're taking your medication on time, every time.

You may already track your steps, your heart rate and your sleep. With the Hailie® solution, you can now track your inhaler medication usage too. You can achieve and celebrate realistic, daily goals because each action makes a difference.

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