The Hailie® sensor won't pair.

If the Hailie® sensor won't pair with the mobile device, try the following checks.

  • The Hailie® sensor has been assigned to the patient via the Hailie® web portal by a Health Care Professional or Program Administrator.
  • The Hailie® app is installed on the mobile device.
  • The Hailie® app is logged in and open on the dashboard screen.
  • The mobile device Bluetooth and Location services (Android only) are enabled.
  • The mobile device is connected to the internet (Wi-Fi / Data).
  • The mobile device flight mode is off.
  • The Hailie® app has permissions enabled.
    Go to the mobile device settings > Hailie® app > permissions.
  • The Hailie® app is open and close to the Hailie® sensor.
  • The Hailie® sensor is in pairing mode and the LED is flashing blue.
    Go to Manually Pair a Hailie Sensor to learn how to put the sensor in pairing mode.
    Pairing mode lasts for 60s. If the sensor has not paired in this time, repeat the process until the sensor pairs.
    Go to First Time Pairing a Sensor for more information.
  • The Hailie® sensor serial number displays in the Hailie® app inhalers screen.
  • The Hailie® sensor displays as a connected Bluetooth device in the mobile device Bluetooth settings.
  • The mobile device has enough battery. Charge the device if required.
  • The Hailie® sensor has enough battery.  Go to Check Sensor Battery Status.

If the sensor continues to not pair with the Hailie® app and mobile device after repeated attempts, please contact your Health Care Professional or Program Administrator.

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