Medication Reminders


Medication reminders are short bursts of beeps from the Hailie® sensor to alert you if the prescribed doses have not been taken.  The beeps increase in frequency until 24 minutes after the set reminder time when they will stop until the next scheduled dose.

Read How do I set up medication reminders for your Hailie® sensor.

Reminders can be disabled by:

  • Taking all prescribed doses.
  • Cancelling the reminder on the sensor. Refer to the Hailie® sensor’s Product Manual for details.

There is a six-hour window in which taking all prescribed doses of medication will prevent reminders from sounding.

For example, a reminder time is set for 9pm and the patient took all their prescribed doses at 5pm.  This is within the six-hour window prior to the set reminder time, therefore, the 9pm reminder will not sound.

Medication reminders are set up in the Hailie® app and are activated on the Hailie® sensor when the app next syncs with sensor.

Using medication reminders helps patients to stay adherent to their prescribed doses helping them improve their health outcomes.

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