How do I wake & pair a sensor?

Before pairing can occur, the Health Care Professional or Program Administrator must assign the sensor and inhalers to the patient via the Hailie® Smartinhaler® web portal.


View the Getting Started with your sensor guides for information related to your particular sensor model.


When the Hailie® Smartinhaler® app is open on the mobile device, the app automatically detects nearby sensors that are in pairing mode.

A sensor in pairing mode is indicated by a flashing blue LED, and flashes for up 60 seconds (unless paired).

Before pairing, go to the mobile device settings and turn on Bluetooth, Location Services (Android) and Mobile Data / WiFi.  Then:

  • Make sure the sensor is in pairing mode, indicated by the blue flashing LED;
    • First time using the sensor, remove the pull-tab OR one press of the sensor status button.  The LED will flash green, then blue ready for pairing.


  • 1-button sensors; 3 short presses of the status button.
  • 3-button sensors; 1 press of the pairing button until the LED flashes blue.

Pairing mode lasts for 60 seconds.  If the sensor is not paired within 60 seconds, repeat the process.  If the sensor pairs, the LED will stop flashing.

  • Make sure the app is open on the mobile device and close to the sensor.
  • Tap PAIR NOW when it displays on the app dashboard.


Repeat the process if pairing is unsuccessful.  

Refer to Manually Pair a Hailie Sensor for additional help.

Refer to Getting Started with Your Sensor guides.








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